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The Makyol Group
The Makyol Group

Makyol is focused on sustainable growth. Committed to building on the respect and strength that it has gained in its core business activity of contracting, the company also takes a risk-sensitive approach when assessing the attractive growth opportunities offered by today's economy.

This attitude defines the roadmap of Makyol's continued new growth. In keeping with this, the company has ventured into new business lines, principally tourism and real estate development.

  • Mak-Yol Construction, Industry, Tourism, and Trade Inc
  • Atlas Mining Contracting and Maritime Trade Inc
  • Mak-Yapı Construction, Tourism, and Trade Inc
  • Mak-Tur Tourism and Travel Enterprises and Trade Inc
  • MakMarin Kaş Marina Management, Tourism, and Trade Inc
  • MakLiman Enterprises Inc
  • MakEnerji Inc
  • MakKonut Housing Construction and Contracting Inc


Reach us at    +90 212 351 41 51

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